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 ASH & POSY is a skincare company providing exceptional products by sourcing authentic ingredients.  We love the challenge of finding sustainable and wild-crafted essential oils, as well as high-quality carrier oils and waxes.  Our products contain only what your skin needs, leaving out what it doesn't.  We have gone beyond the standards of natural skincare, and created a line of products that are kind to your skin—and it shows.


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"I ADORE the face oils and can't believe the difference it has made to my skin.  My usual cream moisturizer has been set aside for now and I am really soaking in how wonderful the face oil feels on my skin, and how soft and glowy it looks, BRAVO!


“I was looking for a quality Canadian skincare line. I like the unique ingredients and I'm super impressed with the outcome.”

Chrissy, Wakefield QC

"I avoid most skincare products because of the harmful chemicals.  ASH & POSY's products are the perfect alternative- I love how they smell and how light they are.  My skin looks and feels healthier.  Best of all I love that they are made with natural and organic ingredients by someone in my community"

LeeLA, Jasper ON
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